The Future of Constituent Connections

Reaching Constituents Where They Are Today

A New Way to Reach Constituents

Hometown Connection is proud to combine our decade of experience with cutting-edge, patented technology that allows us to reach your constituents where they are today – on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

No one can do mobile constituent communications like Hometown Connection.

Targeting Data 

Our way results in far more accurate
device-level targeting.

More Accuracy 

We can match more devices
with more accuracy.


How We Charge 

We charge only when your message is delivered and viewed.

We Are the Best 

No one else can do what Hometown Connection: Mobile can. It's that simple.


Tradition Meets the Future

Powerful Creative Meets Precise Data Targeting

Hometown Connection has an exclusive license that allows us to combine our powerful creative with patented technology that achieves 90% reach with 80% accuracy to build the perfect audience.

The Emerging Value of Mobile


150 On average, users look at their smartphone 150 times per day.

91% 91% of people keep their phone within 3 feet of themselves 24 hours a day.

25% 25% of all media is consumed on a mobile device.

60% Americans spend 60% of their digital media time on a mobile device.

60% of ads are not actually seen by humans and/or the way they were intended.

67% 67% of smartphone users visited an advertiser's site after seeing their mobile ad.

Here's How It Works

List Based (Household Targeting)

We target your ads just like mail, using our decade of experience
and our enhanced data to target anyone with a device -
smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

  • Vote History
  • Demographic Traits
  • Geographic Location
  • Issue Preference

1. Upload Data.

2. Transcode household data to lat/long.

3. Wait for people to enter lat/long with a device.

4. Tag that device as a target.


Location Based (Geofencing)

Geofencing is a location-centered technology that allows
us to select GPS points using latitude and longitude information
to create a polygon (square, rectangle, shape) using those points.

That shape acts as a virtual "fence" around the targeted area,
and ads can then be delivered to people who are within that geofence.


1. Enter
Lat: 38° 53' North
Long: 77° 02' West

2. Cast the net.

3. Wait for people to enter lat/long with a device.

4. Tag that device as a target and deliver ad.


Combination List and Location Based (Geofarming)

Every day, people are visiting apps and websites from their mobile devices. Every day, Hometown Connection is capturing and storing
that information, like trillions of seeds of information in a big data "farm."

That farm and those data seeds give us the unique ability through our patented technology to go back in time, cultivate a list of people
who used their mobile devices at any given location at any point in time, and grow your list from scratch.


1. Enter
Lat: 38° 53' North
Long: 77° 02' West

2. Cast the net retroactively or real time.

3. Create data set from the geofence.

4. Tag that device as a target and deliver ad.


A New Era of Constituent Communications

Hometown Connection analyzes trillions of first-party data points to achieve precise targeting, better viewability and a cost-effective way to deliver quality, memorable constituent communications.


Our Clients

  • Rob Portman

    OH Senate
  • Dave Newhouse

  • Brad Wenstrup

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

  • Richard Hanna

  • Sean Duffy

  • Alex Mooney

  • Tom Cotton

    AR Senate
  • Dan Webster

  • Mike Kelly

  • Renne Ellmers

  • Diane Black

  • Marco Rubio

    FL Senate
  • Jim Renacci

  • Marsha Blackburn

  • John Culberson

  • Mia Love

  • Tim Huelskamp

  • Ryan Costello

  • Bob Gibbs

  • Scott Tipton

  • Dennis Ross

  • Lou Barletta

  • Jamie Herrera Beutler

  • Dan Benishek

  • Robert Hurt

  • Lindsey Graham

    SC Senate
  • Lee Zeldin

  • Scott Perry

  • Candice Miller

  • Bob Dold

  • Mike Turner

  • Rod Blum

  • Shelley Moore Capito

    WV Senate